Social Media Marketing/Social Media Optimization/SMO

Social Media Marketing/Social Media Optimization/SMO

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To gain rank or make your website popular, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing play a very important role. But what actually SMO and Social Media Management are?

What is Social Media Optimization?

Abbreviated as SMO, social media optimization is the process in which the particular or product, the brand is popularized by using a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. It can also be correlated to a process in which viral publicity is generated. SMO is considered to be similar to SEO as the main objective of both techniques is to gain traffic for the website.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing refers to the process in which popularity, as well as organic traffic, is gained by the excessive use of social media sites.

For instance, Twitter is a social media platform that is designed to allow people to share short messages or “updates” often known as tweets with people around the world. Facebook, in contrast, is a fully functional social networking site that enables people to share updates, photos, joining events, and a variety of other activities.

How Are Search & Social Media Marketing Related?

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The first question that arises in mind is that why a search marketer or a site about search would engine care about social media? The answer to the above question is that both of these terms are very closely related. Social media often leads to the discovery of new and fresh content such as news, stories videos, etc. It indeed helps in building links that support SEO. Like Search engine optimization, Social media optimization plays an important role in the success of a Website. Some popular social media websites as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


What is the difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization?


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Search engine optimization also known as SEO means getting traffic from search engines, which includes on-page and off-page optimization. Talking about social media optimization also known as SMO it is mostly on-page optimization. That includes quickly scalable posts.

5 major rules that help in engaging SMO for a Website

  • Increase the linkability: At times many websites remain static; a blog can be incorporated to make it dynamic.
  • Easy tagging and bookmarking: use quick buttons to make accessibility.
  • Reward inbound links: listing the latest blogs on-site help in popularization.
  • Help your content travel: use of social media and backlinks.
  • Encourage the mashup: let others use your content within a limit.

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