All about email marketing in a nutshell

All about email marketing in a nutshell

One must have heard and even experienced promotional emails but how many of us are aware of how it all done?? How many of us know that how is an email more effective than an FM or TV advertisement. How and what type of audience should be targeted for a particular email. What exactly is email marketing is??

Email marketing is a process in which a company sends a commercial message (usually promotional or any relevant information) to a group of people who are proactive on electronic mail. Email helps in building customer loyalty, trust and faith in a company’s product or service. e-marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay in touch with your clients and simultaneously promote your business.


  • Easily and quickly reach the targeted audience and market.
  • Easy maintenance of an email list fragmented category wise.
  • Personalized and customized information provided as per customers interest.
  • Cost-effective services are available.
  • Tracking facility available.
  • The facility of knowing whether a person has opened the mail or not.



So basically email marketing isn’t just gathering few pictures, text and sending it to the customer and hoping it to work, but it’s a step by step process which includes proper planning, designing and thinking process. Database creation and other relevant details are gathered and then a proper professional mail is created and then sent to the targeted audience.

Bad email would create excessive damage to the company’s reputation which it may have created over the past years. Hence proper techniques need to be deployed. This helps in promoting trust and loyalty to the company while also increasing its sales.



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